How to launch a competitive intel sharing program in 90 days

Competitive advantage comes when every discipline works collaboratively to outsmart competitors. But, when the latest intel is stuck in siloed systems or in employees’ minds, companies struggle to compete. Sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and product decisions are made without the latest intel. Decision-makers are left falling behind and business is lost.

Leading companies are outsmarting competitors by investing in intelligence programs that are bi-directional, collaborative and facilitate intentional sharing. Do you have a plan?

Watch this webinar to:

  • Unpack the challenges of lost, siloed, and unshared competitive intel
  • Get the 30-60-90 day plan to launch a competitive intelligence sharing program
  • See a Groopit demo; how to share intel anywhere and store it in one place
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Tammy Savage, headshot

Tammy Savage

Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO, co-founder and former Microsoft product leader, found that getting real-time data from front line employees is critical to creating competitive advantage. She brings a deep understanding of how to engage employees to share and use competitive intelligence.

Headshot Chris Hertz

Christopher Hertz

Christopher Hertz knows how to get maximum value out of competitive intelligence. Chris grew revenue 10x in four years as CRO of DivvyCloud (acquired by Rapid 7), and led 12 consecutive years of double-digit revenue growth at as new Signature CEO (acquired by Cognizant).

Paul Senatori

Paul Senatori is the Principal Competitive Intelligence Manager at WalkMe.  He has 30 years of experience building and leading compete programs for HubSpot, Sitecore, Salesforce, Lyft, MediaQaunt and Oracle.

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