#Competitive Intelligence Solution

Don’t let competitive intelligence get lost in Slack or Teams. Use Groopit.

By Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO & Co-founder

Slack and Teams. It’s where people work. But it’s also where critical competitive intel gets lost in conversation.

Now, your team can /groopit in Slack or @groopit in Teams to capture precisely the right intel, shared right from Slack or Teams, all without interrupting the conversation.

The Groopit apps for Slack and Teams make it easy for employees to:

  • Share competitive intel as data points, fully integrated into their daily routine.
  • See competitive intel aggregated across channels; making insights immediately actionable.
  • Add competitive intel to Asana, Tableau, and existing enterprise systems, so you’re adding value to other enterprise systems.

Put simply, the combination of Slack or Teams and Groopit transforms competitive intelligence to competitive advantage.

The result? Increased competitive advantage, velocity, and profitability. For example, Stuckey’s grew revenue 42.7% after they started using Groopit to share competitive intelligence and refine their strategy.

How does it work? It’s as simple as typing /groopit in a Slack or @groopit in Teams. Then, share competitive intel with 3 taps and less than a minute. You’ll get quality data from employees who have a front-row seat to competitor activity. Everyone in the channel sees the intel, and Groopit aggregates data shared across Slack and Teams. View, search, download, and use the aggregate competitive intel to make decisions. Explore shared views to find patterns, uncover opportunities, and get results. Groopit includes 30+ customizable data sharing templates or create one from scratch, so employees share the data you define.

Talking about a competitor? Type /groopit or @groopit to share competitive intel about pricing, positioning, weaknesses, sales activity, and more. Groopit aggregates the data across Slack channels and provides a shared view. Everyone needing competitive intel to win more business quickly sees patterns like, “Mayfield’s lack of licensing flexibility is seen as a weakness within 22 of our Fortune 100 prospects.”

Discover why Groopit is the ultimate way to get competitive intelligence from employees and stop losing valuable insights in Slack or Teams. Ready to turn conversation into actionable competitive intelligence? We’ll show you how.