Gain visibility, own the shelf, and increase your category sales Groopit for CPG

Get your field teams sharing real-time data on merchandising, promotions, and competitors  

Use this data to immediately help make better-informed decisions that sustain growth and differentiation.

Make the most out of your site visits and boost productivity

Sharing takes a few quick taps to capture the exact data you need to see the full-picture and immediately understand what is happening in each store. Groopit makes it easy for reps to collect and share structured data, photos, location data, notes, and more.

See patterns immediately to improve retail execution and sales

As real-time data is shared, reporting feeds, data visualizations, and connections to BI platforms like Tableau and PowerBI make it easy to spot patterns and anomalies, what is working on the shelf and what is not.


Employees share from where they already work  

Employees work from their existing systems, sharing and consuming data using the Groopit mobile and web applications and from within Slack, Teams, and Salesforce.

Everyone involved will make better, faster decisions

Groopit helps CPGs become insights-driven companies where leaders and employees embed intelligence critical to your bottom line throughout the company. Everyone is empowered with real-time data to create competitive advantage, prioritize and maximize high-opportunity initiatives, and make decisions informed by the field.

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