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Webinar: 5 esstential steps to stop losing competitive Intel in Slack & Teams



Do you want to improve the way your field shares critical intelligence?  CPG leaders like you know that real-time data from the field on merchandising, promotions, and competitors is vital to retail strategy and execution.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get precisely the right intel. Learn how to define sharing so that you get precisely the right insights from employees.
  • Make the most out of your site visits. Learn how to get employees sharing high-quality, quantitative data and boost productivity.
  • Spot patterns immediately to improve retail execution and sales. Empower everyone involved with real-time data from the field to create competitive advantage, and maximize high-opportunity initiatives.


Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO and former Microsoft product leader, brings two decades of experience leading large distributed teams to deliver business results. Learn how she applies these strategies to gathering competitive intelligence and creating competitive advantage.

Headshot Chris Hertz

Christopher Hertz has 25 years leading growth companies. As DivvyCloud CRO (acquired by Rapid7) Chris grew revenue 10x in less than four years. As New Signature CEO (acquired by Cognizant) Chris led 12 consecutive years of double-digit revenue growth.

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