How Guidant Financial Rapidly Improves Customer Experience


How Guidant Financial Rapidly Improves Customer Experience

Guidant Financial serves 25,000+ small businesses and is deeply committed to delivering outstanding customer experiences. That’s easier said than done. Guidant diagnosed areas to improve the customer experience via traditional methods like surveys, spreadsheets, and Salesforce notes. The work was slow, laborious, and imprecise – until they found Groopit.

Join Emma Brumley of Guidant Financial and Tammy Savage of Groopit for a 30-minute webinar to learn how Guidant improves customer experience using those insights to drive product success.

You’ll learn how Guidant:

  • Streamlines data-sharing on Salesforce and Teams.
  • Gets employees to capture key data any time a customer is confused or frustrated.
  • Receives a precise, quantitative, real-time view of how the customer experience can be improved.
  • Integrates data into daily scrum, training, and policy operations.
  • Achieves 90% adoption and ongoing engagement from customer-facing employees.

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Tammy Savage, headshot

Tammy Savage

Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO, co-founder and former Microsoft product leader, found that getting real-time data from front line employees is critical to creating competitive advantage. She brings a deep understanding of how to engage employees to share and use competitive intelligence.

Emma Brumley Guidant Financial

Emma Brumley

Emma Brumley, Junior DevOps Engineer on Guidant’s engineering team, has worked across customer experience, fulfillment, and engineering teams during her ten years with the company.