How Utz Brands Transforms Retail Execution: Pursuing the Perfect Store with Real-time Field Intelligence

Monica Huntsberry and Rick McInturff
Grocery Shelves

In the competitive world of CPG, poor retail execution equals lost sales. And at the root of this issue is the absence of real-time, actionable insights from the field, compounded by an inability to effectively leverage the available data.

In this 30-minute webinar, learn how Utz Brands aims to perfect the art of leveraging precise, real-time insights from those on the frontlines of retail.

Rick McInturff, Walmart Customer Team Lead at Utz Brands, will give an inside look at:

  • How Utz taps into field employees’ observations and insights to pursue the perfect store.
  • The role of Groopit in empowering field teams to relay their findings swiftly, with just a few quick taps.
  • The seamless way Utz distills, summarizes, and converts these insights into ready-to-publish reports, all within a minute.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to elevate retail execution and uncover sales opportunities by leveraging real-time insights!


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Monica Huntsberry

Monica Huntsberry is a relationship builder and sales strategist, board and advisory member with fintech experience serving the financial services and manufacturing industries. Writer, mentor, and advisor to female founders and organizations that empower women. Angel investor and champion for entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place.

Rick McInturff
Rick McInturff

Rick McInturff is the Walmart Customer Team Lead for Utz Brands. After nearly a century, with strong family heritage, Utz continues to have a passion for exciting and delighting consumers with delicious snack foods made from top-quality ingredients. Utz’s products are distributed nationally and internationally through grocery, mass merchant, club, convenience, drug and other channels.