The fastest way for your sales team to report important information

Sales leaders are constantly looking for information from people on the frontlines and gathering information is an extremely time consuming process: one-on-ones, meetings, emails, surveys, shared spreadsheets and townhalls. Groopit makes it fast & easy for your sales team to report important information in-the-moment, so everyone can focus on closing more business, faster. 

Top 7 Sales Report Forms

Choose from the Top 7 Sales Report Forms or create your own to gather high-quality data fast.

Report sales challenges as they emerge.

Customer Input
Report customer feedback, requests, and frustrations  so their voices can be incorporated into decisions. 

Daily Prospecting Activity
Report your prospecting activity and results daily.

Non-revenue generating work
Report non-rev generating work you get pulled into so we can quantify sales distractions.

Positive Customer Quote
Report positive customer quotes so we can understand and build on our strengths. 

Competitive Intelligence
Report competitive activity that you know about.

Best Practice
Report what works well for you so we can all learn. 

How Groopit Works

Mobile & Desktop

Use the Groopit iOS app, Android app, or an internet browser on any device.

Real-time Direction

Sales leaders focus the most important topic using simple report forms.

Real-time Data

Sales professionals report important information with a few quick taps.

Real-time Visibility

Sales professionals see reports, search, comment & step up to problem solve.. 

Organizers access data on demand, download it to a spreadsheet or integrate it into existing enterprise systems, like Salesforce.

Watch this 90-second product demo to see how Groopit works.

"Groopit is not just another widget - it's literally a game changer."

– Charles F., Vice President Sales, Financial Services Industry

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How Sales Leaders Accelerate Results with Groopit

Focus the team. Sales leaders focus their team on the most important topic right now - like identifying challenges in the sales cycle. 

Eliminate time-consuming reporting. Sales leaders make reporting data about that topic easy for everyone - 3 taps and less than 1 minute using Groopit mobile app or a web browser on any computer.  

Make progress immediate.  Sales leaders give everyone in the group visibility to reports so they can learn, comment, and problem-solve together.

Make decisions with quantifiable data from the frontlines. Sales leaders utilize in-the-moment reporting to reduce what people have to "remember", yielding more accurate, quantifiable data from more people.  

Recognized in the 2020 World Changing Idea Awards by Fast Company

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