The ultimate way to get frontline sellers sharing information

Groopit for Sales makes it easy to get, share, and use data from your frontline sales teams.  Everyone involved will be empowered with real-time data they can use to close more business. We call it  #crowdsolving

Groopit replaces the chaos of ad-hoc data collection

Sales leaders rely on information from the frontline and are constantly gathering data. One-on-ones. Meetings. Emails. Texts. Surveys. Spreadsheets. The result: ad-hoc data collection chaos. Data is everywhere and nowhere. This problem exists because CRMs aren't designed to collect ad-hoc data and there hasn't been an effective workflow --- until Groopit. 


Groopit for Sales is the ultimate way to get, share, and use information about the pipeline.

Get precisely the right data

Create a Groopit Action whenever you want to gather data that's not in a CRM.  You'll define the specific data within each action - location, photos, text, tags, numbers, responses - any data, at any time. It's so fast and flexible, you'll start getting information before you finish that cup of coffee. 

Focus everyone on your top priority

Actions don't last forever. They come and go as your priorities change, allowing you to keep everyone focused on what’s important right now. Create Actions from scratch or choose from templates designed for Sales Leaders.

Three taps to turn anecdotes into quantitative data

Actions are designed to capture data in three taps or less than one minute. It's easier than ordering an Uber.  And, since it's so fast, frontline sellers capture data in real-time, yielding high-quality and quantitative data instantly. 

Empower everyone involved

Groopit shares a lightweight feed of data so everyone is in-the-know. You and your sales team will learn together, comment, coach, problem-solve, and see how everyone is contributing to the bigger picture.

Access and integrate data

Groopit’s advanced data controls makes it easy for sales leaders to download data into a spreadsheet or integrate data into existing enterprise systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Tableau. 

Watch this 1-minute demo to see how Groopit works.

Groopit has an iOS app, Android app, and a web version to use on any device with a browser.

"With Groopit, I'm able to keep a real-time pulse on our key sales initiative, know who is following through, and slash meetings in half."

Julie B., Vice President of Sales

Fortune 500 Company, Financial Industry

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About Groopit 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we collect ad-hoc data in our CRM?

CRM systems are not designed to collect ad-hoc data. Instead, they track data that is known to be important - accounts & opportunities - consistently, over a long period of time. The data is consistently tracked because it's used to perform routine business processes like forecasting.  Ad-hoc data is exactly the opposite. It’s the data leaders need that is unexpected and unpredictable; they data they need with a moments notice and don't need to track forever. CRMs are intentionally set-up to not provide that level of flexibility; to not allow any leader to alter the types of data collected. 

Can data be added to our CRM?

Yes, data can be added to Salesforce, HubSpot, SugarCRM, and others. For example, if team members use Groopit to report Wins, Groopit can automatically add that data to a CRM. Everyone involved knows about wins immediately and it's recorded in CRM.