The ultimate way to get intelligence from your frontline

Groopit makes it easy for sales leaders to gather real-time data, so everyone involved can see what's happening on the frontline and take decisive action. #crowdsolving

Top four use cases for sales

Competitive Intelligence

Capture competitive activity on the frontlines so you can stay ahead of competitors. 

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Sales Processes Intel

Capture sales inefficiencies and obstacles so you can systematically remove them.

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Customer Sat Intel

Capture customer challenges, feedback, & quotes so you can quantify their needs.

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Sales Initiative Intel

Capture key internal wins, activity, and progress for your current sales initiative. 

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Real-time Direction

Bring your cross functional sales teams together in Groopit and provide real-time direction. You as the sales leader focus everyone on sharing what's most important.

Real-time Data

Tap. Tap. Tap. Groopit makes it easy to capture important data in three taps or less than a minute. Start with a data-collection template or create one from scratch.

Real-time Visibility

Groopit shares a lightweight feed of data captured to keep everyone in-the-know. You and your sales team will learn, comment, problem-solve and have a top-notch source of a-ha moments.

Flexibility & Control

Groopit gives you flexibility to capture new data instantaneously and control over how it is used. Create aggregate data views, download data into spreadsheets or automatically integrate it into existing enterprise systems like Tableau, Asana, Salesforce and more.

"With Groopit, I'm able to keep a real-time pulse on our key sales initiative, know who is following through, and slash meetings in half."

Julie B., Vice President of Sales

Fortune 500 Company, Financial Industry

Groopit recognized by Fast Company Magazine in three categories of the 2020 World Changing Idea Awards.

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