Why Groopit

When you need an advantage

Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy says, “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” Deloitte explores the importance of these affiliated people – those who don’t work directly for you – and how “companies today need armies” of them to build a competitive advantage or even just survive. Learn more by downloading the report or reading these four key takeaways:

Today’s problems are complex and hard to solve, and the traditional methods that have served enterprises for decades no longer work.

The crowd offers a practical way to tackle a wide range of challenges and shift toward a more ‘outside-in’ approach to problem-solving.

With the right platform, the crowd can begin to operate at a scale and extend the capabilities of even the biggest global corporations.

Organizations that fail to harness the crowd, and adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude, are likely to be overtaken by  more nimble organizations.


Gain a strategic advantage with Groopit

When you need people to take multiple actions over a long period of time, Groopit gives you the crowdsolving tools you need to achieve something that matters.  It’s the best way to get the people you need to contribute insights and action in real-time to gain that strategic advantage. 

  • For strategic initiatives. When you need to make a big impact on your business, solve an important problem, improve your service, or accelerate your results.
  • To solve complex problems. Harness the power of extended teams to solve hard problems, accelerate your research, and uncover new ideas.
  • For large-scale data collection. When you need to collect real-time structured and unstructured data from people on the front lines of your work.
  • For leading 5 to 5,000, for one project or across countless linked projects, Groopit makes it easy to structure collaboration and achieve at scale.

Achieve real results
with Groopit 

It’s time to go beyond liking, sharing and posting to actually get something done. We take achievement seriously at Groopit. It takes more than posting on social media, liking and sharing for a crowd or extended team to achieve something important together. Here are five things you do uniquely with Groopit:

  • You control the agenda. Just like in a meeting, you decide what’s going to get done and how. It’s not a free-for-all where anyone can say anything; you define and control what people will contribute.
  • Your directions don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Direct and redirect people instantaneously; the actions that matter in the moment are pinned to the top so when someone has five minutes, they know exactly the right action to take.
  • You make progress visible so everyone sees individual contributions adding up to big impact.
  • You set-up a structure so that they can self-organize, and you can leverage their unique insights and individual initiative without doing all of the work.
  • You download reports into a spreadsheet of data so that you can track the details and tie the data into your other organizational information.

Keep data private and secure with Groopit 

We take your data privacy and security seriously at Groopit.

  • Organizers control what data members see and what they do not. Groopit allows organizers to mark data hidden so that when data is reported only the organizer sees sensitive information. 

  • Secure data storage is extremely important to Groopit. The product is built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, all data is stored in Microsoft data centers, uses Microsoft’s security features and abides by Microsoft standards.  We value Microsoft’s commitment to security and building Groopit on their platform reflects our commitment as well.
  • Groopit does not sell user data. We believe that users own their data and it is not Groopit’s right to sell it. Instead, Groopit is a subscription service and is not monetized through advertising so your user data is not sold to advertisers.

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.”

-Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems co-founder

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