Why Groopit

Create a strategic advantage with Groopit

Groopit gives you the crowdsolving tools you need to solve your most complex problems. 

  • For strategic initiatives. When you need to make a big impact on your business, solve an important problem, improve your service, or accelerate your results.
  • To solve complex problems. Unleash the power of people to solve the most complex problems, from outsmarting competitors to accelerating growth. 
  • For large-scale data collection. When you need high-quality, quantitative data from people on the front lines of your organization.
  • For leading 10 to 10,000, to solve one problem or many, Groopit makes it easy get everyone involved sharing precisely the right data and achieve at scale.

Achieve real results
with Groopit 

We take achievement seriously at Groopit. It takes more than collaboration for extended teams to achieve results. Here are five things you do uniquely with Groopit:

  • You provide direction at scale. Just like in a meeting, you decide the agenda, you define the purpose, the problem people are coming together to solve and the data employees share.
  • Your leadership doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Direct and redirect people instantaneously, so they always know what data to share and how to contribute.
  • You bring transparency so everyone is in-the-know, sees the big picture, and is aware of how their insights relate to colleague’s insights.
  • You empower everyone to make decisions with real-time data that can inform how they proceed in their own unique roles and responsibilities. 
  • You will be building an organizational capability to solve whatever problem arises; a capability to rapidly learn, pivot, and deliver results. 

Keep data private and secure with Groopit 

We take your data privacy and security seriously at Groopit.

  • Administrators control what data employees see and what they do not. Groopit allows administrators to mark data hidden so that when data is reported only the administrator sees sensitive information. 

  • Secure data storage is extremely important to Groopit. The product is built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, all data is stored in Microsoft data centers, uses Microsoft’s security features and abides by Microsoft standards.  We value Microsoft’s commitment to security and building Groopit on their platform reflects our commitment as well.
  • Groopit does not sell user data. We believe that users own their data and it is not Groopit’s right to sell it. Instead, Groopit is a subscription service and is not monetized through advertising so your user data is not sold to advertisers.

Build a problem-solving capability with Groopit

Crowdsolving is an entirely new category of enterprise software that equips a crowd of employees to problem-solve. As companies use crowdsolving to tackle one problem, they’re building an organizational capability to tackle any problem. Groopit provides the three core technical capabilities needed to implement a crowdsolving strategy.

  • Real-time Direction. Groopit makes it easy to define the data people should share – it’s like defining the traffic accident for your business. Choose from 30+ pre-built Data Models or build one from scratch.
  • Real-time Data Sharing. Groopit’s Data Models make it easy for employees to share high-quality, quantitative data with three taps, in less than a minute and from wherever they work today – Slack, Teams, Salesforce, Groopit, or any web-based business application.
  • Real-time Visibility. Groopit aggregates data employees share so everyone involved is seeing, learning, and using the data to inform their own decisions. 

At Groopit, we believe people have the power to solve any problem and Groopit exists to make solving our most complex problems, possible.