Mosaic’s Quest for Operational Excellence with Groopit

Introduction: Drowning in Collaboration

Imagine a company where every day brings a torrent of fresh information and valuable insight, all waiting to be turned into gold. Welcome to Mosaic, a trailblazing leader in the clean energy fintech arena.

Mosaic recognizes the value in the perspectives of their front-line employees — those who talk to customers every day and are at the forefront of the sales process. The difficulty lied in capturing those insights scattered across conversations, emails, spreadsheets, and Slack messages, then consolidating and delivering them to decision-makers in a usable structure.

“We were drowning in information, but it wasn’t helping us swim faster” Andi Jennings, Mosaic’s Director of Operational Excellence

The Challenge: Unraveling the Information Maze

Mosaic’s success is built on the collaborative power of their teams. They utilize Slack extensively, fostering a rapid exchange of information every day. However, using the information was akin to a treasure trove with no map. The insights and knowledge were there, but it remained underutilized, missing the crucial element of actionability.

As an operational excellence professional, Andi Jennings is always looking for places in the organization where there may be a gap. As she tells it, “In one of our slack channels I noticed that there was a wealth of information being shared. I started to wonder how we were extracting that data and aggregating it to provide insights and trends to the organization.”

The Turning Point: Groopit’s Data Alchemy

Mosaic’s quest for the perfect solution led them to Groopit, a platform that promised to turn their information into actionable insights. Groopit, with its seamless integration into Slack, emerged as the clear winner.

“We looked at contenders that we thought might be a good fit,’ Andi explained, ‘but after looking in-depth at each vendor, it was clear early on that Groopit checked all of the boxes and stood head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of the fit and functionality we were looking for.”  Andi Jennings, Director of Operational Excellence

The Transformation: From Information to Strategic Insights

Collaborating with Groopit, Mosaic developed data models tailored to the insights the company looks for.  Groopit’s user-friendly design meant that staff could effortlessly surface those insights within Slack, eliminating the need for extensive training sessions. The result? Greater teamwork, actionable insights, and a surge of fresh innovation.

Nicole Albanese, Senior Manager of Operational Excellence at Mosaic, was enthusiastic about the partnership, saying, “Groopit’s solution fit our needs perfectly. Their responsive team went above and beyond to ensure our transition was seamless.”

Driving Change and Innovation at Mosaic

Mosaic’s journey with Groopit became the cornerstone of their program to drive operational excellence. Teams surfaced valuable information that led to actionable insight and quicker, more informed decisions.

By seamlessly integrating Groopit into their existing environment, Mosaic successfully bridged the gap between information scattered everywhere to consolidated, actionable insights, driving better decision-making and informing customer-centric strategies.

  1. Efficiency: surfacing insights became faster and smoother with Groopit integrated into Slack, reducing the time employees spent navigating between apps.
  2. Engagement: Groopit’s user-friendly interface encouraged greater participation and engagement among employees, including those who had never proactively contributed insights before.
  3. Transparency: The platform increased transparency within the organization, breaking down silos and encouraging teams to collaborate.
  4. Innovation: Groopit ignited innovative thinking as employees connected the dots from information to collective insight to strategy, while real-time insights from their employees allowed business leaders to make better decisions, faster.

Conclusion: A Mosaic of Success with Groopit

Mosaic’s pursuit of operational excellence found its compass in Groopit, a partner that helps them navigate the daunting seas of unstructured employee information. Through Groopit, Mosaic is now able to break down silos, surface valuable information from employees and transform it into actionable insights that guide Mosaic toward operational excellence.

Interested in hearing more about Mosaic’s journey? Watch Andi Jennings and Nicole Albanese from Mosaic tell their story directly in this 30-minute webinar.