Install Groopit App for Teams in a specific channel

The Groopit app for Microsoft Teams empowers people to share data without ever leaving the conversation.  This guide will walk you through the supported features, requirements, installation and configuration.

How to set-up the Groopit App for Microsoft Teams in a specific channel

Integration Requirements

  • You must be an existing Groopit customer to use the Groopit App for Microsoft Teams. (Request a demo to learn more.)
  • You must be an administrator for the Groopit you want to integrate. 
  • Your Groopit email must match your Teams user email. If your does not match, email

Connect Groopit to Microsoft Teams

Complete Groopit Set-Up

In order to set-up Groopit for Microsoft Teams, you must first complete the set-up of Groopit and be administrator of an active subscription. Please complete the following steps or verify that each step of Groopit set-up has already been completed.

1. Sign up for Groopit using the same email address you use in Teams

2. Choose “Start a new group” and follow the instructions. Or, if you are already a Groopit Organizer, select from the list of existing groups you organize.

3. Choose “People” to verify that you are listed as an Organizer.

4. Choose “Share” and +Create a new Data Sharing Workflow to set-up at least one Data Sharing Workflow.

5. Choose “Views” and +Add a view to set-up at least one view.

Once your Groopit has been set-up, it’s time to set-up the Groopit App for Teams. Before proceeding, you have an important decisions to make. Do you want employees to share data from a specific channel(s) or from any channel in Microsoft Teams? Make your choice and then follow the appropriate instructions below.

Complete Single Sign-On (SSO) Set-Up

If your organization uses Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, or any other OIDC enabled providers, follow these instructions to activate SSO:

Install the Groopit App for Teams to Share from Specific Channels
To let people share from specific channels, install the Groopit App for Teams in those channels.

  1. Go to the Groopit App for Teams listing to install the app.
  2. Choose + Add to Teams
  3. Review the instructions and click Add
  4. Review the requested permissions, then click Allow. Important: During the installation process, you may be prompted for installation approval from the Teams administrator.  Follow the prompts in Teams to secure any necessary permissions.
  5. Go to the channel. You may be prompted to set-up Groopit insights; skip this step for now.
  6. Choose New Conversation and select … from the compose box
  7. Search for Groopit, select Groopit, and then select Admin.
  8. Choose Add
  9. Choose Manage Links
  10. Choose Change settings drop down menu and Link to this channel.
  11. Type @groopit in the channel and select share to start sharing.

Return to the regular installation instructions to finish configuring Groopit

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